Voucher workflow

After a voucher is reserved by calling the "reserve-voucher-by-value" of "reserve-voucher-by-price" endpoint, the voucher starts an asynchronous workflow, described below.

Voucher status :

  • RESERVED: A voucher object with a unique ID is generated inside the Jackpot database, but no voucher code has been purchased from the store yet
  • CONFIRMED: You have definitively confirmed a reserved voucher, the voucher price has to be paid to Jackpot
  • READY: Voucher has been edited and the coupon PDF file is ready
  • CANCELED: You have rejected a reserved voucher
  • READY: The voucher including the URL to the PDF is ready and has been sent to you via the webhook
  • REFUNDING : We are asking the store to refund a confirmed voucher (you have called dhe refund endpoint) - NB : only the store can accept or denied to refund a confirmed or ready vouchers)
  • REFUNDEED: Your ask for refund has been acccepted by the store
  • REFUND_REJECTED: Your ask for refund has been rejected by the store, the voucher can not be refunded

Focus on the confirmation step

By default, you have to confirm every reserved voucher calling PUT /v2/voucher/{voucherId}/confirm (or manually through the backoffice section "Coupons à confirmer").

The confirmation is definitive: the voucher will be edited and the voucher price has to be paid to Jackpot.

You can ask for automatic confirmation (contact the Jackpot team): all reserved vouchers will be instantly and definitively confirmed. Nevertheles, even if automatic confirmation is on, you can still require to confirm vouchers for specific sessions (fraud control, higher amounts, onboarding users etc.). You set the forceManualConfirm flag to "true" in the JWT.