Bonus VS Discount mode

You can choose to display:

  1. A voucher providing its value: you request the voucher value to get the voucher price. The voucher price is lower or equal than the provided voucher value;
  2. A voucher providing its price: you request the budget (voucher price) to get the voucher value. The voucher value is higher or equal than the provided voucher price;
  3. You can display both higher value (bonus mode) and discounted price (discount mode), you will offer the largest catalogue (choice for discount or bonus will be made at the reservation step).

Test bonus and discount mode here.

  • You can activate the strict boolean option (false by default): only offers with a discount (lower price) or bonus (higher value) are returned.
  • You can choose whether the voucher price (discounted amount) should be rounded up to the upper euro or upper euro cent, by checking the matching option in the Jackpot back office

Note: To reserve a voucher you need to request only the voucher price or the voucher value.