This is an object representing the coupon reserved by a user.

It can have several state representing the coupon order state.

Coupon Object :


id string

Unique coupon identifier

couponId string

Public unique coupon identifier, this is the reference given to end user

url Uri (optionnal)

Coupon pdf url, only available when state is "READY"

initialAmount number

Amount converted to get the coupon

value number

Coupon value

validityDate date (optionnal)

Coupon can be used until this date

reservationDate date (optionnal)

 Coupon has been reseved at thie date

confirmDate date (optionnal)

 Coupon has been confirmed at this date

canceledDate date (optionnal)

 Coupon has been canceled at this date

sendDate date (optionnal)

 Coupon has been sent at this date

resaExpireDate date (optionnal)

 Coupon reservation will expire at this date

paymentState string (optionnal)

 Payment state for the coupon, possible values : 
    - "DUE" : Coupon has been edited, the payment is due
    - "WAITING" : A payment statement have been sent, we're waiting payment
    - "PAID" : The payment has been completed

state string

    The coupon state , possible values : 
        - "RESERVED" : Coupon has been reserved, we're waiting a confirmation
        - "EXPIRED" : Coupon is expired, that means a too long interval between reservation and confirmation
        - "CANCELED" : Coupon has been manually canceled
        - "CONFIRMED" : Coupon has been confirmed
        - "READY" : Coupon has been edited and is ready to be sent
        - "SENT" : Coupon has been sent

customTransactionId string (optionnal)

 A custom id, can be use to retrieve transaction on your system

walletOperationId string (optionnal)

 An id used to identify operation between User and Jackpot wallets if your are operating wallets