Build your initialization token

In order to retrieve a session Token token, you have to build a valid initializationToken using your apiSignature .
It should be signed with you apiSignature, available in your backoffice. It will only work one time.

Note: A list of jwt librabry is avaivalable here.

Token can be verified on

PHP sample :

//composer require firebase/php-jwt
use \Firebase\JWT\JWT;

$signature = "monApiSignature";
      "amount" => 100,                // Amount to convert
      "cp" => "75000",                // User's zipcode
      "age" => 40,                    // User's age
      "gender" => "M",                // User's gender (M ou F)
      "userId" => "u-1234",                // User's unique ID
      "iat" => time(),                // Timestamp in seconds
      "notificationKey" => "12345"    // A key generate by you allowing to identify transaction
$jwt = JWT::encode($criteria, $signature);

Ruby sample :

# sudo gem install jwt 

require 'jwt'

signature = "monApiSignature"

criteria =
criteria["amount"] = 100                # Amount to convert
criteria["cp"] = "75000"                # User's zipcode
criteria["age"] = 40                    # User's age
criteria["gender"] = "M"                # User's gender (M ou F)
criteria["userId"] = "u-1234"     # User's unique ID
criteria["iat"] =         # Timestamp in seconds
criteria["notificationKey"] = "12345"   # A key generate by you allowing to identify transaction

token = JWT.encode criteria, signature, 'HS256'

Node.js sample :

  npm install --save jsonwebtoken
var jwt=require('jsonwebtoken');

var signature = "myApiSignature";
var criteria={
      amount: 100,                       // Amount to convert
      cp: "75000",                       // User's zipcode
      age: 40,                           // User's age
      gender: "M",                       // User's gender (M ou F)
      userId: "u-1234",                       // User's unique ID
      iat: Math.round(,  // Timestamp in seconds
      notificationKey: "12345"           // A key generate by you allowing to identify transaction

var token=jwt.sign(criteria,signature);

Get a Session token

In order to perform that all our endpoint work with a token authentication connected with a user session. That sessionToken will allow you to perfom all actions on our API.

You can retrieve a sessionToken using our /token endpoint which is describe here.

This endpoint use your account apiKey to authenticate you has a platform. We hardly recommend you to keep this session creation request on your backend to prevent your apiKey to be accessible to third parties.