Key components


Offers are shown in a carrousel allowing people to browse and select an offer : Widget Widget You can customize the widget with several options listed here


a coupon


The backoffice is available on You can find useful endpoints depending on development environment here : Environment.

Your credentials are given to you at you account creation.


You're dashboard show you all useful indicators on Jackpot service

Generals informations

This screen show you useful informations on you account.

Security & api keys (Sécurité et clés d'API)

  1. Domaine : authorized domain where widget can be used (all subdomains are enabled)
  2. Api Signature : Secret phrase to sign JWT token
  3. ApiKey : Api authentication key used to authenticate on token initialization endpoint
  4. Reserve notification URL : Endpoint to notify on coupon reservation

Legal informations (Informations légales)

Jackpot work with a payment partner to manage all the funds. This tab contains all information regarding wallet creation.

Coupon list (Liste des coupons)

This screen allow you to get all generated coupons on your platform.

For each coupon you can get all details.!