Document issued to the user in exchange for his income. A voucher can groups several codes.


Payment title valid in a retailer and available in several formats: bar code, internet code, physical gift card, e-gift card, credit on a loyalty program ...


A major retailer, a retailer, an e-commerce site, a Jackpot-io partner, distributing vouchers or promotional offers via Jackpot-io.


A site or application integrating Jackpot.


Presentation and selection of offers to be integrated within the platform.


Income increase offered by the brand in the form of a voucher. An offer results from the application of the retailer increase rules and informations transmitted by the platform (amount to be collected in the form of a purchase order, postal code).


Customer acquisition operation conducted by a retailer characterized by:

  1. Start and end dates
  2. The mark-up rule according to the amount exchanged
  3. The geographical area concerned
  4. Targeted user profile (age, gender)

Users / Sellers

Individuals or professionals who sell products or services to individuals on a platform.


All or part of the income in euros of a user / seller. It can be retrieved in money or as a voucher through Jackpot's service.