First steps

You first need to Configure your account.

You have the choice between two types of integration :

  1. you can integrate the widget provided by Jackpot-io directly in your front interface.
  2. or you can call jackpot-io API by your own for maximum customization

Things to know

Majoration vs minoration

You can choose to offer coupons for a certain amount, or offer coupons that can be purchased for a certain amount.

In the first case, the cost of the coupon will be lower or equal than the amount requested. For example, I would like to obtain a voucher of 100 euros from my shop. My voucher will cost me 90 euros. it is the minoraton mode.

In the second case, the value of the coupon will be higher than the amount requested. for example, for 100 euros, I can have a voucher of 110 euros at my shop. Its the majoration mode. It's the mode by default.

If you want to have both higher value (majoration) and discounted pirce (minoration) mode, you can use the mixte mode. You will offer the largest catalogue.