A reserved voucher is automatically confirmed by default.

If your platform want to manually confirm all vouchers for security checks purpose, we offer your possibility to manual validate vouchers.

  • Through our API, please contact our team to set up this feature.
  • Through our admin interface in "Coupon en attente" section.

You can choose to manually confirm a single coupon. In this case, you have to add the property forceManualConfirm:truein the initial token payload. example :

//composer require firebase/php-jwt
use \Firebase\JWT\JWT;

$signature = "monApiSignature";
      "amount" => 100,                // Amount to convert : Mandatory
      "cp" => "99",               
      "age" => 99,                    
      "gender" => "M",                
      "userId" => "u-1234",                
      "iat" => time(),               
      "notificationKey" => "12345",    // A key generate by you allowing to identify transaction
$jwt = JWT::encode($criteria, $signature);