This object contains all data required to display an offer

Offer Object :


id string

Unique offer identifier

storeName string

Offer's store name

baseColor string (optionnal)

Store's main color, can be used in replacement of illustration image when missing

amount number

    Offer Amount can be grossed-up or discounted depending on query parameters

discountedAmount number

    Offer discounted Amount, available when you give both couponAmount and amount parameters (*mixte* mode)

logoUrl string

Store's logo url (Size : 200x80)

logoUrl600 string

Store's logo url (Size : 600x240)

logoUrl1000 string

Store's logo url (Size : 1000x400)

landscapeLogoUrl string

Store's landscape logo url (Size : 200x80)

illustration string (optionnal)

 A picture related to Store branding (Size : 670x285)

illustrationHD string (optionnal)

 A picture related to Store branding (Size : 1080x460)

validityDate date (optionnal)

Offer will expire after this date

shippingInfos string (optionnal)

Coupon shipping infos (delay)

mentions string (optionnal)

Offer usage information

storeDescription string (optionnal)

Store general description